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We welcome the following blog entries:
  1. Discussion of your LSR article
  2. Book Discussion
  3. Research Summary 
  • Entries will focus on sociolegal perspectives;
  • Be Between 400-650 words in length:
  • And be written to appeal to general readers
Please include visuals when possible (e.g. graphs, charts, free-for-use pictures; if they are your own pictures, please make sure you have the permission of any people depicted).

Please include a short title for the piece, as well as the author's full name and university affiliation (if relevant).

We look forward to reading your submission.

Jeannine Bell, Indiana University
Susan Sterett, Virginia Tech
Margot Young, University of British Columbia

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The current editors of Law and Society Review have started this blog with the goal of facilitating broader dissemination of socio-legal research. We hope that this blog allows us to discuss scholarship and teaching issues that may not make it to academic journals quickly.  We invite everyone to contribute; we ask all authors to summarize their recent articles. The new blog will also allow us to discuss the changing research environment.  We’d like to hear more people contribute to pressing conversations around research and publishing.  Many of us already have these conversations among smaller groups of scholars. A blog will allow a larger conversation with more participants and, we hope, a greater diversity of views.   

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