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Law & Society Review: Call for Virtual Special Issues

Law & Society Review:  Call for Virtual Special Issues The Law & Society Review anticipates producing several virtual special issues over the next three volume years (2020–2022).  A virtual special issue comprises a collection of articles that have already been published in Law & Society Review, as well as a newly-written introduction by the special issue editor or editorial team. Virtual special issues are showcased on the journal website; articles included in the issue remain open access for 2-6 months. Reasons you might want to propose a virtual special issue include: To highlight a puzzle, important unanswered question, or gap in research (perhaps one you are working on right now…)To energize a conversation about a topic, issue or question (perhaps one you are or may soon be writing about…) To showcase the relevance of law and society research to an issue of contemporary importanceTo draw together seemingly disparate work and explain why law and socie…